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And so the journey begins. For years I’ve always wanted to be a writer but afraid to write the first word. What would the world think of me and then again, why would they care even what I have to say. Most won’t or shouldn’t. We all have our own lives and we all really are our main protagonist. We are just to bit players in everyone else’s life drama. It is hard to keep my attention these days with all the information that is available on everything under the sun. It is overwhelming.

I am 56 years old with a wife and three children. A four-year-old boy, a twelve-year-old boy and a fourteen-year-old girl. The four-year-old is our’s and the other two are my wife’s children from a previous marriage. By trade, I am in the software business but I am starting this blog because my purpose is to find my way back to God. I am seeking the Light and that is what my site is about. All the different ways we can find God. Find ourselves. Find each other. How to love and how not to hate. To find purpose and meaning out of all that we do. I am no guru nor do I have even close to all the answers. I do have some and those I will share and put out there for others to embrace, reject, poke holes at or anything else they wish to do. I hope I can get others to join me in this journey and share where they are coming from as well. I claim no exclusivity on anything and know that the more I learn the less I know. It is in the seeking that I find my way and the only thing that never changes for me in this life is that everything is always changing. It is paradox and it is an oxymoron.

Life as I live it so often seems so futile until I incorporate my journey into it. Then, even the most mundane things like walking my dogs or picking up kids take on whole new meaning depending on what the squirrels are doing in my head at the time. Some days it is inner peace and others it is inner turmoil. I guess it just comes with the territory. Did I tell you that I am a recovered alcoholic? Well, I am. I live the 12 Steps of AA on a daily basis and for the most part, I think they have extended my life considerably. I would say saved my life, however, we all die eventually, so it really has only been extended. At the moment, a lot of my blogging is intended to be focused on these Steps and my experience in them, for it is the Steps that brought about a Spiritual Awakening that has led me to this writing. I can only hope it gets better (the writing that is).

In terms of chronology, I was born outside of Philadelphia in the Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. From there I have lived in Flordia, England, Ohio, Washington, DC, California, Japan, North Carolina and back to Florida. I did a three-year tour in the Marines as an infantry officer before going to work in the civilian world. When getting out of the Marines, If I had known the lack of integrity was so strong in the civilian world, I would never have left the military. I just didn’t know. I had one practice marriage before my current one that lasted three years. I have a BA Degree with an emphasis in Spanish and currently am a partner with my brother in a software company called MaxIT Corporation. We started the business in 1995 and have been going strong ever since. Well, not quite strong but we have been surviving. I have a decent understanding of technology due to all the years in the business but no formal training in it.

Enough of the boring stuff. More will be revealed as I get more comfortable with this process. Right now, I just wanted to get to started. The beginning is always a good place and for this journey, this is it. Thanks for checking it out…

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